From beginners to low handicappers, I offer a complete menu of private lessons for your convenience. With my experience, I can organize your entire package including preferred lesson scheduling, playing lessons on the golf course, additional tee times during your stay, accommodations and more. All lessons include personal state-of-the-art video analysis of your swing and customized improvement plan is provide for the student send by email


One Hour Individual Lesson

60€ Adults | 40€ Juniors

One Hour Lesson 2 people sharing

70€ Adults | 47€ Juniors

Playing Lessons 9 Holes

165€ Adults | 110€ Juniors

Playing Lessons 18 Holes

275€ Adults | 180€ Juniors

Pack 5 Lessons

270€ 1 pax | 310€ 2 pax

Pack 10 Lessons

490€ 1 pax | 580€ 2 pax

SAM Putt Lab Lesson

€ 60,00 45 minutes

Trackman Lauch Monitor Lesson

€ 80,00 45 minutes

Half Day Session

Work on your full swing or short game in this focused 3 hour session. Includes club fitting evaluation, comprehensive computer and video analysis of your technique, as well as a detailed plan for ongoing improvement send to you by digital platform.

*Technology such as Trakman and Sam Putt Lab available on request.

Half Day Session | 155€ Adults | 110€ Juniors
3 hours session based on a minimum of 2 students in the same session
Limited to 4 students per session


  • Meet the Instructor to discuss the current state of your golf game
  • Establish goals for your lesson
  • Filming of your swing to identify the strengths and weaknesses
  • Video analysis of your swing using state of the art V1 analysis technology that makes it easy to spot where improvements can be made
  • Once faults have been identified, the Instructor will work with you on the driving range and prescribe corrective drills to help you develop the right feel
  • Player equipment check to make sure you have the proper equipment for your swing

SAM Putt Lab Lesson

The SAM PuttLab is an analysis tool and training system based on accurate ultrasound measurements.

It analyzes the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the result in east-to-understand graphics.

This system combined with video taping your putting stroke can assist the instructor in identifying putting flaws and helping make specific corrections.

Within second, the system gives you and individual feedback of your stroke. The analysis reveals even the smallest details of your movements and allows you to develop improvements and training strategies based on the given results.

Nelson Cavalheiro, uses the SAM PuttLab within a lesson setting to provide a complete diagnostic of your putting stroke and will use this information to help give you drills you can work on in order to improve this aspect of your game.

This report will be emailed to you for your review at the end of your lesson.

€ 60,00 / 45 minutes

Trackman Lauch Monitor Lesson

We are proud owners of Trackman, the best way to understand your golf swing once and for all. No more myths, no more opinions, just facts! Using radar based technology, Trackman tracks the entire flight of your golf ball giving you vital information as to what the club has done through impact and how that affects the ball.

Trackman can be used in many ways to help golfers of all abilities. These are just a few ways in which we use Trackman to help our golfers…

  • fix frustration swing issue or remove destructive shots
  • improve distance of the tee
  • understand exactly how far each club goes (gapping)
  • improve distance control using individually designed tests
  • club fitting

€ 80,00 / 45 minutes

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